ParticipantDo you …

  • want to create a positive social change in your society?
  • want to become a part of an international and diverse community of peers from all over Europe?
  • like to create new insights and ideas on social change inspired by speakers and dialogue with fellow participants?
  • look forward to take action and build a social project together with these new insights and ideas?

Then make sure that you are a part of Impact Initiatives for Change this summer in Switzerland!

Together with a group of other highly motivated and committed people who are young of heart, you build teams, discover your talents, take action together by thinking outside the box and put your ideals into practice.

You can register individually or bring your project to Caux to take it to the next level. If the latter is the case we advise you to bring your team members as well.

We offer…

  • caux palace potraita unique international learning environment where you can put your ideals into practice.
  • an opportunity to meet and learn from inspiring leaders and peers from all over Europe.
  • a starting point for your group project with an additional year of support and coaching.
  • a not-to-miss experience where you grow as a person and make friends for life!

For more information on what we offer, please check out  our program.

Conference fees

The conference Impact Initiatives for Change takes place from August 3 (starting in the late afternoon) until August 8, 2014 (ending with lunch). The conference fee includes full participation in the five-day conference, your stay at the Caux Palace, meals and drinks. We have three different fees for the conference:

  • 415 CHF (340 euro) for participants under 26 years
  • 625 CHF (512 euro) for participants who are a student
  • 925 CHF (758 euro) for participants who are 26 years and up and not studying anymore

Use the currency converter to check today’s rate for the euro.

Need funding?

Read all about how to fundraise yourself to Caux!

Join us

You can join us by filling out the online form on the website of Initiatives of Change Caux (IofC Caux). Below is a step-by-step list that will guide you through the application. Your stay in Caux includes the full conference including materials, 5 nights in a room in the Palace :), food and drinks.

    1. Open the registration form on the website of IofC Caux.
    2. Please note that all the question/ fields with a red asterisk are compulsory.
    3. The form consists of 9 parts that you have to complete:
      1. Personal information
        Here you can also fill in your special dietary requirements.
      2. Contact information
      3. Permanent address
      4. Stay in Caux
        The day of arrival is Sunday August 3 preferably before 1 p.m.
        The day of departure is Friday August 8 in the morning.
      5. Visa for Switzerland
        Please check if you need a visa to enter Switzerland.
      6. I will participate in the following conference(s)
        Please select ‘Impact Initiatives for Change’ (Aug 3 – Aug 8, 2014). An additional field will open. Please let us know who invited you (person) or how you learned about this conference (e.g. website, twitter). Share your experiences and expectations and check the ‘participant’ box below. Please make sure you also fill in the mandatory extra form with additional questions. You’ll find a link in the main registration form.
      7. Name badge
      8. Conference fees
      9. Remarks

If you have any questions, please contact us by sending an e-mail to Impact Initiatives for Change.

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